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Premium and Custom Solutions - Professionally designed web sites and database driven web services
A NEW site building and web marketing system will be available soon!
It's been under development for quite a while now and is nearing completion - It's based on our WebuilderFX system, but contains many additional features - the main focus being on ease of use...
There'll be more information available shortly.

We build professional sites at very reasonable prices.

Web design prices start as low as $500!

We offer complete solutions - including the domain name and hosting of the site.
Our custom web sites are tailored to your exact requirements - Your site is created with what you need in mind - rather than blowing your budget on unused features. Complete web site packages start from $1500.
Unless you have a reason to specify otherwise, our web sites are designed to function correctly with almost any web browser. We test them in IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera as well as older browsers - we also try (where possible) to make our sites work correctly in text-mode browsers. When others only build sites for Internet Explorer, we do our best to make your sites more compatible, so that you have the widest audience possible.

Our WebuilderFX sites are also fully expandable, so you can start small and build from there, without compromising on the initial design or content. Because our sites are database driven, there are many modules that can be added easily without confusing configuration changes later on - all modules automatically take on the design of your site, and since the design is an add-on module itself, it can also be changed later without fuss.

If you require a custom database module, you only need pay for the module, not the database access, as all of our base packages come standard with database access already.

What add-on modules are available for your web site?
Well... that's up to you, we can create custom modules just for you, or for some ideas, here's a small list:

  • Member/Client Login - where they can have their own personalised page/information.
  • Newsletters - give members or customers the option to sign up to your own email newsletter.
  • Guest Book - Give your customers and Web site visitors a way to give you instant feedback.
  • Message Board - Give your customers and Web site visitors something to talk about... or chat about for that matter. A full-featured message board you can manage yourself with an easy to use administration tool.
  • Site Surveys - Wouldn't it be great if you could talk to your customers and get instant feedback? Capture responses from your most valuable asset - your customers and visitors.
  • Shopping Cart - Looking to start an online store? Then this could be an extremely useful addition to your site.
  • Site Editor - Easily update your web site without needing to know anything about web page creation or even having any special software - all you need is a web browser, internet access and the ability to fill in a form.
  • Flash Animation - Want an animated intro to your web site? No problem.
    Other Flash options available, including a custom Flash Design module, for clients that would like their entire site created in Flash.
  • Virtual Tour - We can create custom designed virtual tours for clients who'd like their visitors to be able to view things like apartments, houses etc, or even view 3D objects (being able to rotate the object to see it from every angle - for eg products you're selling or a prototype design).
  • and many more... Maintenance contracts are also available.

* Conditions apply

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